Keys Welding Service

Keys Welding Services is 100% First Nations owned by the communities of the Saskatoon Tribal Council through their ownership of the STCI Group. The STCI Group, which includes STC Industrial Contracting and Keys Welding Services, is wholly owned by the Saskatoon Tribal Council and its seven-member communities. The goal of the Saskatoon Tribal Council is to make sound contributions to the greater community through community development and philanthropy. Keys Welding supports these initiatives through job creation, training and program funding.

Operating out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 2008, we employ a strong team of apprentice welders, journeyperson welders, and welders’ helpers; as well as journeyperson fabricators, iron workers, and pipe fitters. We can facilitate small or large projects with our team.


acres of land


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What Sets Us Apart

Our welding & fabrication capabilities have allowed our skillful team to provide high quality products and services across the province, including many remote Northern locations where conditions can sometimes be adverse. Our team meets these adversities head on, drawing upon and building on each other’s knowledge to develop a strategy to tackle the task at hand!

We strive to establish and support a robust and mutually beneficial working relationship with our partners!

Qualifications & Certifications